Refund Policy

By using Website and the services provided therein, you, the customer, agree to release Pins By Design LLC from any and all financial liability in the form of a refund seven (7) calendar days after the shipment of your order and receipt of its tracking number. In order to be processed, any claims requesting a refund must be made to your customer representative before this period has passed. Furthermore, you agree that all decisions made by Pins By Design LLC team regarding our responsibility in matters of quality or differences between mock-ups and final products are final and indisputable.
Pins By Design LLC may offer a refund depending on your order’s current status.

Prior to shipment:

Your order enters into full production immediately after you have approved your artwork (or physical sample if applicable). At this stage, all the materials required for your order have already been purchased and your product is being manufactured in its entirety. As such, should you decide to cancel your order during this period, a non-refundable amount of 60% of your total order value will be deducted from your resulting refund as compensation for all material fees, mold fees, and production costs incurred by Pins By Design LLC.

After shipment:

Since all products offered by Pins By Design LLC are completely custom manufactured specifically for your order (and therefore not re-usable by other customers), refunds are not provided after your order has shipped and you have received its tracking number. However, under special circumstances (as determined by Pins By Design LLC), partial refunds (less any manufacturing and shipping costs) may be issued. If you feel that your order falls into this category, please submit a claim to our customer service team within seven (7) calendar days of your order being shipped and your receipt of its tracking number. Please note that all claims submitted more than seven (7) calendar days after this date are invalid and ineligible for consideration as per our Terms & Conditions.